HOW TO Install lightdm webkit2 greeter

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I thought it would be nice to write a how-to on installing lightdm-webkit2-greeter.
Lightdm is a fairly nice greeter, in many respects, but its gtk login interface can look a bit... clunky.

Much nicer is the lightdm webkit2 greeter, which allows a web interface to log users in. Basically, with a bit of html and a bit of javascript you can make your login page look exactly how you want it to look, or you can add other people's themes to your installation.

For brevity, I am going to assume you know how to install and configure a greeter that you can find in the repo's, so that you can install lightdm, via apt, or maybe synaptic, and at the prompt switch from your old display manager to lightdm. If not, a quick search will show you how to do that.

1) install light dm - configure it to be the default display manager

2) now go to


3) download the debian package

4) open a terminal and switch to the directory the .deb package is in

5) open the package with

 sudo dpkg --install lightdm-webkit2-greeter_2.2.5-1+15.8_amd64.deb

(obviously your filename might be different because of version numbers)

all being well, lightdm webkit2 should now be installed

7) open the file


8) find the entry called greeter-session=
uncomment it and make it say


9) save the file and reboot - If anything goes wrong at this point before you see a login greeter
see the step I labelled "the bad thing". Do not panic. it is a simple matter to recover

10) All being well you should see a nice login prompt but read on, please

11) IMPORTANT ! When you first change and use one of the themes make sure that when logging in you select the correct session. You will only need to select the session once whenever you use a new theme. Failure to do so will cause a prompt to ask if you want to use a fallback theme or default theme
if that is the case then choose the fallback theme, log on, then logout and select the session and log back in

the bad thing)
if, for some unlikely reason you do not reach the webkit login prompt then it will either fallback to lightdm or drop you at a terminal login prompt where you can login as root and start a session manually then open


comment the greeter-session entry and reboot it will then start normal lightdm and you can work out what you did wrong
so now go and find themes and follow the instructions the theme providers give, or find a manual on how to create your own theme

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that looks so nice. Not clunky at all, but when, maybe, a person changes the gtk theme for login it can look a bit "brutal"
but, yeah, I like that login, even though I like the more minimalist approach.
I tried the ly login manager before I tried lightdm webkit2 but could not make ly work properly. I just couldnt figure out what to do
nothing worked but now I have a beautiful login screen which I would show you if I could figure out how to take a snapshot of it


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